I am a patient of Dr. Villarreal's and I have to say he is THE BEST Ob/Gyn I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I loved going in to see him while I was pregnant. He made my entire pregnancy experience that much more special with his compassionate bedside manner and excitement of my son's arrival. He listened to every question and concern I had and answered them with the same kindness and compassion. My labor was long, but he was there and encouraged me through the entire delivery, which I greatly appreicated. My husband even thought he was the best and looked forward to my visits! The office staff is excellent as well, they are just as professional, kind, and compassionate as he is. I would and have recommended Premier Women's Health to several women whether it be for a good gynecologist or an OB. I think every woman should have the same wonderful experience Dr. Villarreal helped me have. It actually breaks my heart that I live too far away to go to him if/when I get pregnant again! Thank you to the entire office and Dr. Villarreal! You have helped make everything perfect during my entire pregnancy!

- Jessica


Dr. Villarrreal delivered my son in January 2009. I will say that throughout my entire care with him (prenatal and postnatal) he was absolutely amazing! He always made sure that he answered all of my questions to the best of his ability and even stuck around in the room if I had a question and forgot was it was! During the delivery of my son he made sure that we both had the best care that he could have possibly given us and stuck to the birth plan that I had provided. After delivery he made sure to check up on my son and me and he couldn't wait to hold him again. He even stuck around for a picture or two! I'm currently pregnant with baby #2 and because we are a military family, I don't have the option to see Dr. Villarreal and that has been the most disappointing thing ever! If I had it my way I would be home just in time for him to deliver this baby too! He is someone that I feel completely safe around and that is so hard to find with a doctor.

- Nicole